Brick walls and small works

JH Brickworks success was founded in the process of building brick walls and taking on small jobs. We still take great pride in all the work we do especially small jobs and brick walls for clients.From planning and design through to the construction phase we can help and assist you all the way.One of the first things to choose when building a brick wall is the bond these comprise of:

English Bond
This is the oldest form of brick bonding, this consists of alternative rows of headers and stretchers.

Flemish Bond
This is the most popular form of bond from the late 17th century onwards. This consist of course of 1 stretcher then 1 header

English Garden wall bond
this is very rarely found on buildings and is used more on garden walls and for show pieces. This consists of 3 rows of stretchers to one row of headers

Flemish garden wall bond
this is another popular garden wall bond and consists of three stretchers to one header in each row.

Header Bond
this was usely used for displayed glazed headers and is used on radius work to get the correct angles. This also gives the impression of strength within the wall.

Stretcher bond
This is used in today's building and is the cheapest and most common of all the bond

Other bonds
are available but the above are the most common and most high in demand, for more bespoke bond or for examples of others please get in touch with us today.

We offer many varietys of materials to suit your every need from aggregates to bricks.

We can help pick the perfect brick for your wall wether it is a handmade brick/ machine made or a special cut/shaped brick. We can source imperial, metric and reclaimed bricks.

Brick samples can be ordered by us along with samples of different aggregates and limes.

Nothing is worse than not really knowing what you want or what the finished job will look like so we help design and advise on the best to help you get the result.

We have a great track record of brick matching existing and sourcing the very best types of:


Jason was able to fit in a fireplace rebuild and regrouting of a listed wall at short notice during the week before Christmas. Jason is an excellent communicator - each detail of the job was run past me verbally first with options and costs explained plus instant confirmation via email. The work was completed ahead of schedule and my property left clean and tidy - enabling me to enjoy a relaxing Christmas. Highly recommended.


  • General labourers
  • Carpenters
  • Plasterer
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Roofer (tiles)
  • Structural or non-structural works
  • Decorators
  • Tilers
  • Internal building services
  • Patios or decking
  • Underpinners (fully insured)
  • Remedial repairs
  • Flat roofer (asphalt, rubber, fibre glass)
  • Rendering
  • Roof repairs
  • Guttering and fascia
  • Soft play & playgrounds
  • Astro turf
  • Groundworks (foundations, drainage etc)


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