Jointing & Pointing

Jointing - This is the phrased used to describe the finishing of bedding mortar that the bricks are laid with.

Pointing - This is the phrased used to describe the filling of joints which have been raked out

When deciding what pointing style to use the most commonly used is concave or bucket handle pointing ( this is used commonly on all new build sites). When deciding on the look of ever a new wall, new build or a small repair job JH Brickwork offers sample panels to show the best suited pointing style for your needs along with the best colour and texture.

The colour of the mortar is determined by the 'Fines' in the sand along with mortar dies which you can buy in various colours. The texture of the mortar is determined by the grains in the sand or the if using a lime mortar the different type of lime used. JH Brickwork can offer advice on the best type of aggregates to use and from which supplier to get them from.

JH Brickwork undertakes Re-pointing work from small isolated areas up to a full scale house. This would consist of taking out the bed joints to minimum depth of 25mm dependant on the scale of damage, the bed joints should then be cleared of all dust/debris. The brickwork should be dampened down or partially soaked dependant on the type of mortar/ brick being used. The the bed joints can be repointed using the agreed style of pointing and mortar. After care of Repointing work and new pointing work is very important to JH Brickwork and we will guarantee the best care is taken to make sure the mortars set correctly( if using a lime mortar).

On some builds where the pointing has excessively weathered and the style is unknown we can offer substitute pointing styles like 'Heritage pointing' which will blend in with the existing to help create the same look.

Repointing is normally needed when the joints receeds more than 10mm, if the joints allow water in. We can help assess weathered or damaged brickwork/ pointing to get the best results for you and get your brickwork back to looking the way you want it to be.

Historic English joint finishes:

The more common styles of join finishes:


Jason was able to fit in a fireplace rebuild and regrouting of a listed wall at short notice during the week before Christmas. Jason is an excellent communicator - each detail of the job was run past me verbally first with options and costs explained plus instant confirmation via email. The work was completed ahead of schedule and my property left clean and tidy - enabling me to enjoy a relaxing Christmas. Highly recommended.


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